Fond Redhead

I caught that Conan O’Brien thing last night. Very funny. I watched Conan religiously in high school, but haven’t really been paying attention the last couple of years. I’m assuming he’s still funny.

The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is obviously worth your $16.38. I know you’ve all seen Triump with the Star Wars nerds. (Required reading: Incomple and Erin’s lunch with Blackwolf the Dragonmaster. Robert Smigel shows up too.)

The other new Conan DVD collects highlights from his ten years of late night, including one of my favorite sketches “Famous Helping People.” It’s a We Are The World parody and at one point Conan asks Sting if he can do a Phil Collins voice. Just seeing Sting singing with Oldy is priceless. Remember when Amy Poehler (before anyone knew who she was) did guest stints as Andy Richter’s sister? Those were awesome.

Speaking of talk shows, my DVR told me it recorded an episode of McEnroe with A.C. Newman, but it totally lied. He wasn’t in that episode. That’s rad that A.C. Newman is getting some talk show love. You really must pick up Slow Wonder. Insound says, “Every song. Literally every song. Is perfect. I mean, the guy can’t get out of the way of a good tune.” It’s true.

A.C. Newman – “Miracle Drug”
A.C. Newman – “Drink To Me Babe, Then”