Art Brut Take Their Turn Shilling For T-Mobile

In case you missed it: T-Mobile ran the next in its line of hipster-friendly adverts during last night’s Grammy telecast (the first coming during the American Music Awards, so, yay symmetry). Non indie-focused friends in the room during last night’s Grammys were particularly intrigued by the ad: “Am I supposed to know who that British guy is?” After we took pride in breaking off some knowledge (“he’s a funny guy who speak-sings for a British punk ba…”), said friend’s point was taken. Is anyone expected to know who “that British guy” is? Or an even better question: Does T-Mobile think the demo that would recognize Eddie Argos (or Kevin Barnes) is best reached during Sunday night award shows? Anyway, fun fact — that’s the downstairs at Irving Plaza in that commercial. Oh, no, we mean the Fillmore @ Irving Plaza. Sort of appropriate corporately-taken-over-theme, then. Even if Kevin does think all this isn’t really happening.

Commercial after the jump, starring the same Zach Condon-y looking kid from last time as the comic foil.

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