Frances Bean Cobain Acts, Dresses Nicely

Last week we reported on France Bean Cobain’s Harper’s Bazaar interview and her dream of one day interning at Rolling Stone. Once we got past that shock, we realized there were some other intriguing moments in the piece — which is called “High School Musical Starring Frances Bean Cobain” — including the fact that she owns a pair of Prada heels, has Kurt’s eyes, just got her nose pierced, loves Sex & The City, feels bad for Jamie Lynn Spears (“Do you know how many 16-year-old girls get pregnant? Fourteen- and 13-year-olds get pregnant! Unlike them, she’s getting so much controversy over it because she’s Britney Spears’s little sister.”), and that the rabbit Billy Corgan gave her as a pet died way too soon: “[Billy]’s like, ‘Promise it won’t die,’ and it did. And I was like, ‘Oh, Billy, my bad.'” Also, Michael Stipe’s her godfather.

On top of that, there’s a focus on her love of Broadway musicals, accompanied by a lovely quote from her mom: “Frances grew up on musicals … I think musicals comfort her; it’s a stability thing. And she’s a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, like me.” And me. Seems the love was solidified when she saw Beauty And The Beast at eight and a half: “My nanny Linda took me. I got to go backstage and hang with the cast and Belle,” she recalls. “Belle was really pretty, but she was kind of old, actually. She looked like she was 30. But she did let me try on her eight-pound wig.” Poor, Belle. More than a fan, Frances has been in 20+ productions, and accompanying the piece are photos of young Cobain dressed like some of her favorite roles, including Rizzo from Grease. “Oh, I hate those people who are consistently the Sandys … I’m always kind of a badass. I’m an attention whore. I’m not gonna lie … I’m sort of hard. I’m not mean; I’m just sort of cocky. But you know when Rizzo sings that song, ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’? She’s like, I can feel and I can cry. I’m really outgoing, but there’s times I want to be by myself.” Glammy photos after the jump.

Frances As Rizzo
Beauty And The Beast

Photos via Harper’s, natch. She looks nice. What range. Good going, kid. In the midst of this Frances media blitz, a New York Post article touches on she and Madonna’s kid Lourdes during fashion week, including this sorta back-handed compliment to Courtney via Us Weekly’s Sasha Charnin Morrison:

They come from two of the most diverse yet fashion-crazy people that have ever been spawned … Madonna with her unbelievable transformation and the iconic star that she is, and Courtney with her separate look – it’s pretty amazing. If you’re around that constantly, it’s in your blood to become a best-dressed kid.

Oh, Courtney, you and your separate look. Speaking of Madonna: Wonder if she’s pissed about Frances getting the Evita turn over Lourdes. Can’t wait until Apple grows up.