“Gamma Ray” Acoustic, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” Added To Beck.com

As you well know, Beck’s got all sorts of fun things going on at the new beck.com, including interviews with Tom Waits, acoustic versions of Modern Guilt songs, and perhaps most excellently his Record Club, which pulls together colleagues and Giovanni Ribisis to cover full classic albums and post the spoils via video embeds. The present project is The Velvet Underground & Nico, from which we’ve heard quite a few. According to P4K, the next album they’ll tackle will be the 1969 LP Oar by Skip Spence. But before we get there, there’s still more VU & Nico to go, including this recently posted cover of “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” similarly droning and more electronic than the original. After that, we’ve got the latest Modern Guilt acoustic session, for “Gamma Ray.” Please enjoy (hell yes).

“All Tomorrow’s Parties”

“Gamma Ray”