New Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror (team9 Remix)”

Want your Neon Bible with a little more, neon? Mix master team9 — he of MySplice fame — takes a go at it. He says:

I love the Neon Bible album but always felt that the cover art was a little decieving. Ok, so it’s a neon sign, so there’s the tie in but to me it looks like it should house something a little more electronic. Anyway, I got my grubby mits on the vocal to ‘Black Mirror’ and thought it might be an opportunity to address my concerns. Will I ever learn??

The results are, as you’d expect, like Win Butler fronting Justice.

Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror (team9 Remix)” (MP3)

Not bad, but that’s not surprising (Bibles and ?s go well together!). Hit team9’s site and find more of his adventures in bastard pop, featuring the Go Team! Mary J., Stevie Wonder, etc.