Gene Ween Sings In Two Kinds Of Studios

Like any normal Ween fan, we occasionally check in to their YouTube channel. Yes, they’ve only uploaded six in the last year or so, but you can tell it’s them by the descriptions, so we remain faithful to the cause and never lose hope. Today was a pay day: Gene in the band’s “farmhouse/studio” doing vocals for “Slow Down Boy” from the Friends EP. In part, this is what they say about it: “The video is glitchy and the audio gets messed up at one point. I plugged my headphone mix feed into the camcorder so the audio is hi-fi anyway.” It’s also strangely compelling.

The YouTube description also jokes about Gene “getting in touch with his feminine side.” Yeah, that fuzzy-eyed crooning is great, but it’s his falsetto that really rules. Remember “Freedom Of ’76″? Of course you do. After the jump, feast your eyes and ears on a so-awesome 15-year-old clip of the boys performing the song at Jane Pratt Show. They’re very stoned. And very sassy.

We love Jane’s thoughts on the “portable 4-track system” and that unimpressed dude in the audience in the sunglasses’ obvious thoughts on Ween. Or Dean: “When you only have four tracks to record on, you have to write better songs.” Ween’s vid description:

This is one of my favorite tv clips of us. “Pure guava” was still a new record and we had just written this song. I think this is one of our last performances as a duo. This was filmed early in the morning and we were very stoned.


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