Pitchfork’s Greatest LOLZ

Today’s U.2 score handed to the Lucifer negating British Sea Power LP reminded us that Pitchfork can be funny! Sometimes. No, not like when they gave …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead a 10.0 — we mean intentional jokes. Like, we all remember Jet’s golden showers and, perhaps less pissy, the it’s-up-to-you (no really, it’s 9.3) score for In Rainbows (right, showers do lead to rainbows). Then, of course, there are those albums that land a double goose egg. It’s hard to imagine any record’s actually worth a zero (c’mon, really), so we’re ranking those with the jokes. Among the infamous 0.0’s are The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka, Sonic Youth’s NYC Ghosts & Flowers, the This Is Next comp, Travistan (whose maker Travis Morrison kindly commented on the This Is Next double egging a few months back), Liz Phair’s Liz Phair, etc.

Obviously the comical drubbing is a cute way to reject a record, but its hyperbole can give you a little sympathy for the artist — probably a side-effect unintended (undesired, even). So what’s worse on the band/more effective for the reviewer: the bad review, or the joke review?

As a graphic designer, though, you gotta admit this was a good gag:

It's Up To You. Not, Really.