New Radiohead Video – “Videotape”

Technically a video for “Videotape,” Thom upped this mysterious, flicking, lost transmission titled “RED BLUE GREEn+” to the band’s Dead Air Space today. Maybe it’s supposed to go with those North American tour dates. Probably not. Looks like Thom’s just being a completist. As he writes in the accompanying text:

had a niggling feeling that this never really got seen much.
Its a kind of video thing to go with Videotape using lots of wierd techniques we were messing with.
Nigel and I really enjoyed making it at the end of last year.
It appeared at the end of a webcast which i think was lost due to transmission problems.
So here it is (roughly) for you to see again.

You remember that webcast. Or that one. Or … but what are all those computerized looking magic-rock castles? Thom?

UPDATE: Good tidings for those that dug into the Neptunes-orbiting “Weird Fishes” remix by Amplive; after combating a cease-and-desist and other debilitations, Amp’s finally received the official go ahead “from all parties involved” to release his In Rainbows remix project Rainydayz Remixes. Timed well with “RED BLUE GREEn+,” here’s the “Videotape” take, featuring Del the Funky Homosapien:

Radiohead – “Videotape (Amplive Remix Feat Del The Funky Homosapien)” (MP3)

Download the entire EP for free here.