Jack White, Depeche Mode To Appear On U2’s Achtung Baby Tribute Album

Achtung Baby, the album on which U2 discovered dance beats and self-awareness and essentially cemented their all-timer credentials, turns 20 in November. The band is already celebrating that big anniversary with the release of a titanic box set, which includes the documentary film From The Sky Down. And at a Toronto Film Festival press conference about the movie on Friday, Bono also spilled a few details about a planned Achtung Baby tribute album, which will feature different artists covering every song on the album.

Rolling Stone reports that the music magazine Q commissioned the tribute album, and it features Jack White doing “Love Is Blindness,” Depeche Mode doing “So Cruel,” Patti Smith doing “Until The End Of The World,” and Damien Rice doing “One.”

Bono didn’t mention any other artists, so we’ll just have to let our collective imagination run wild in the comments section. What do you guys think? Usher for “Mysterious Ways”? Toby Keith for “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”? Any number of bedroom dance-pop types for “The Fly”? Or should they just get Radiohead to cover the entire rest of the album?