The Hold Steady Remind You To Have A “Constructive Summer,” Among Other Things, At Yahoo

We’ve been hearing (and seeing) Stay Positive songs for awhile now, but the Hold Steady’s barroom anthemics go over well in hotter weather, so it doesn’t seem unnecessary for them to stop by Yahoo’s The New Now to do “Sequestered In Memphis,” “Lord, I’m Discouraged,” and “Constructive Summer.” Craig and Tad also sit down for an interview about their beginnings, etc. The tone of that talk and of the copy that accompanies the clips seems to be aimed at folks who might not know Brooklyn is “also known as East Coast hipster central” (for the record, it’s also where my parents grew up and they are decidedly not hipsters) and that:

One of the problems with so-called indie rock is often artists who are grouped under that banner are too concerned with being cool and/or are afraid to completely rock out for the fear that they’ll lose their hip standing and might come off sounding too much like the classic rockers that their parents like.

Take a look, but try not to lose your hip standing.

You’ll find the informational Q&A and straight-up audio versions of the performances at Yahoo.