Tay Zonday Covers “Smile” On The Lily Allen And Friends Premiere

The next chapter in Lily Allen’s turbulent time in the public eye got its premiere broadcast Monday night on BBC 3. Early reports from the talk show’s first filming were discouraging: over a third of the audience members allegedly walking out early after being forced to stand the entire taping, to laugh while shown videos of animals having sex, and perhaps most horrifically of all, to watch an interview with Cuba Gooding, Jr. (who apparently has an amazing UK publicist). The reports were later denied on Lily’s blog, of course. Along with Cuba, Lily invited Brit comedian David Mitchell, the band Rverend and the Makers, and of course internet sensation Tay Zonday onto the weird couch-type thing for some Q&A fun. Here’s some of how it went: Watch it from the start, or take it to 3:30 for the ear-plug worthy cover.

OK. Tough to say if Tay’s “Smile” (and smile) or Lily’s chemistry with the guests was more painful to watch. But we do have some tips for next time, because we love:

  1. Get the audience some chairs. It takes a lot more effort to walk out when you have to stand up first.
  2. Stop booking “internet sensations”; they only look good in YouTube embeds at 450 px width– and even then, just for 90 seconds at a time.
  3. About those animal sex videos … actually nothing, who doesn’t like watching a good pig-fuck now and again?
  4. Finally, this one’s more a tip for the UK: No more Cuba Gooding Jr., please. We liked Jerry Maguire, too! Like ten years ago.

Next time will be better, we can feel it.

UPDATE: Check the show’s promo…