Trash Talk – “Awake” Video

The Sacramento hardcore band Trash Talk puts on some of the most ridiculously fun and violent live shows I’ve had the privilege to see in the last few years. When they’re not prowling the stage like pumas and staring audience members down, they’re launching themselves through the air, usually directly at people. If you’re of a certain old-punk disposition, you’re probably very, very happy they exist. (You may remember the “Explode” video we posted last year, on account of it ruling and all.)

Trash Talk have a new EP called Awake coming out next month, and the brief tantrum of a title track already has a video. It opens with some nameless dude threatening to beat our ass, and it follows that up with footage of dudes doing various bad things on, and to, skateboards and bikes and wheelchairs and TVs. Sean Stout directs. Watch it below.

Awake is out 10/11 on True Panther.

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