Lloyd – “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” Video

Lloyd’s “Dedication To My Ex” is a ridiculously catchy retro-soul workout which, when it appeared on his King Of Hearts album, was also one of the more gleefully raunchy tracks in recent memory. It was also an all-star affair, with a weird narrator-type intro from Lil Wayne and an excellent André 3000 verse. A cleaned-up version of the song now has a fun video from director Bryan Barber, and Wayne and André aren’t in it. Instead, for reasons that I can only begin to contemplate, Wayne Brady lip-syncs Wayne’s part, and a talking cat, with the aid of some awesomely terrible CGI, lip-syncs the André part. Watch it below.

(via Miss Info)

Maybe Barber’s movie Idlewild would’ve turned out better if a talking cat had played André’s role. Also, I’m pretty sure the tatted-up guitarist guy is not actually the Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon, but I’m having fun pretending that it is.