White Hinterland’s Gear Stolen, Live Version Of “Hung On A Thin Thread”

We’ve shown our admiration for Casey Dienel, aka White Hinterland, and her newest collection of smart, pretty songs Phylactery Factory. The album’s been in heavy rotation in these parts, the songs growing all the more gorgeous, so we were very bummed to hear her and her band’s equipment was stolen over the weekend in New York City. They head out on tour with Taken By Trees in just over a week and they have nothing to make music with, so Casey’s put together a Paypal account at the band’s official site. If folks are interested in donating some money to the cause click here. In better news, White Hinterland’s Fair Game session was broadcast yesterday. We have the spare, affecting take on “Hung On A Thin Thread,” along with the list of what was stolen, after the jump. Right, bittersweet.

Casey And A Cat
[photo by Tod Seelie]

White Hinterland – “Hung On A Thin Thread” (MP3)

The howlin’ wind ushered us to love. You can hear the rest of the broadcast here. And this is the list of stolen goods, in case you spot any of it on Craig’s List or elsewhere:

18 inch gretsch bass drum, brown
12 and 16 inch floor toms, greenish-blue
casio sk-1
casio with drum pad, can’t remember model name
fender deluxe reverb re-issue black top amplifier
dw-5000 bass drum pedal
3 dw flat bottom cymbal stands
1 pearl high hat stand
digitech multi-play pds 20/20
Doctor Beat metronomoe
grover tambourine, german silver, in a steve-weisz tambourine bag
alan able triangle
tehcniques DJ mixer
bayer microphone
Timberland workboots, black, men’s size 7/12
bally-works bag, medium-sized
assorted quarter-inches, mic chords, monster cables
air mattress
1930s slash cymbal, un-named make
avocado shaker, made by reimo
pearl drum stool
yamaha snare drum stand
pear snare drum stand

Good luck, White Hinterland.