Joe Jackson Loves Smoking, Hates New York

Well, hate’s a strong word, but he at least thinks its post-Giuliani cleanup and subsequent smoking ban are lame. Which is why Smoking Joe left the Big Apple, relocating to London and then Berlin. “King Pleasure Time” is into his smoking time. The AP reports that he’s written op-ed pieces in the NY Times and elsewhere (“Smoke, Lies And The Nanny State” in the Telegraph Of London) about smokers’ rights. He has en entire section dedicated to smoking at his website Or, via AP:

“It’s one of those issues where we’re really only hearing one side of it because the anti-smoking movement is so powerful,” he said. “It’s for sure absolutely not as dangerous as we’re currently being told. … There’s no good evidence that smoking up to about 10 (cigarettes) a day does you any harm whatsoever.”

It doesn’t affect his voice, either, he said.

As is pretty evident in that awesome live clip of “Invisible Man.” In fact, the whole new album’s really tight, which is why we empathized with Sara Schaefer’s cute video about Jackson’s move to Berlin. Focus on the soundtrack: She slips some Rain in there…

Joe Jackson Smoking

Who knew Shakespeare was such a douche? Come to think of it, Camel should’ve given Joe and Shane MacGowan their own planet in that indie rock universe.

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