New One AM Radio Video – “A Brittle Filament”

The last video we saw from Hrishikesh Hirway’s One AM Radio project took the tune’s intimately personal portrait and projected it onto lesbian pugilists (yes, worth a click). This lo-fi clip for the instrumental “A Brittle Filament” — from last year’s achingly lovely This Too Will Pass — brings it back to Hrishikesh, though, via some stop motion animation, self-portraits, and as he says “the built-in iSight camera on my computer.” The song floats by in just a minute, cozy and hazy as a nice dream, floating off as quickly as the dreamer’s bright idea. That is some brittle filament, eh. Thinking the One AM Radio should be keeping a dream log.

This Too Will Pass is out via Dangerbird. A sample of its charms:

The One AM Radio – “In The Time We’ve Got” (MP3)

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