Download Memory Cassette’s Calls & Responses Remix EP

New Jersey’s Memory Cassette (aka Memory Tape, aka Weird Tapes) recently released the Call & Response EP, but it sold out (at least in physical form) long before most folks got a chance to grab it. As a sort of consolation, the collection’s label Acephale concocted the five-song Calls & Responses (note extra “s”‘s) remix EP. The knob turners handling “Surfin” and “Last One Awake” are Sweden’s Sail A Whale, Friend, Montreal’s CFCF, Shadow Self, and in a bit of self-on-self action, Weird Tapes. We’re posting our favorites so you can decide whether or not you want to download the whole thing or not.

Memory Cassette – “Surfin (Sail A Whale Version)” (MP3)
Memory Cassette – “Last One Awake (Friend Version)” (MP3)
Memory Cassette – “Surfin (Weird Tapes Version)” (MP3)

It’s a good time to be from New Jersey. Snag the rest at We’re Tapes. (The images attached to each MP3 are by Chris GvsB, btw.) You can likely still track down Call & Response here/there. Also, to extend the Swedish connection, pickup Weird Tapes’ remix of Peter Bjorn and John’s It Don’t Move Me,” while you’re stocking your collection.