Watch Part Of Kanye’s Cancelled Hip-Hop Puppet TV Show

The Internet doth provide, once again, and today an outtake reel of Kanye’s never-optioned Comedy Central puppet pilot Alligator Boots surfaced. The show, which was devised with then-Kanye cohort Rhymefest in 2009 (according to IMDB), features a cast of puppets engaging in all sorts of ribaldry, humping, cursing, and dropping explicit pick-up lines on Princess Leia, who is naturally played by Kim Kardashian. Too bad Avenue Q, Crank Yankers, and The Chappelle Show just barely beat them to the punch here. And by barely, I mean by at least six years. At least Rhymefest is pretty pleased with his character creation, a rapper who doesn’t know that he’s a pig. How’s that for satire?

Hope your hands are clean, because there’s just a ton of facepalm to be found here.

The pilot, sadly, was not picked up.