Grammys’ Foo Fan Is A Professional Musician

You may think the most timeless story from this year’s Grammys was the instant-legend comic gold of rhymery master’s how-does-he-do-it “Grammy/Slammy/Jammy” flow but — actually, fuck it you’re right. Still, there’s at least one more instance of NARAS’s poor judgment popping up in the show’s wake: That violinist that won the My Grammys Moment contest the Foos were so excited about was a pro! With a pretty hefty CV. Via a fan letter sent to Lefsetz:

One more thing I can’t believe no one caught on to, which further make the Grammys a fucking joke, was the “My Grammy Moment”. The way the contest was structured, you would think it’s meant for non-established performing musicians to get a chance in the pseudo spotlight. The winner last night? Ann Marie Calhoun. Now you may ask who the hell she is. She’s currently in fucking Ringo Starr’s touring/promo band for his new album! Alarm bells went off in my head when I saw her as one of the final three. I had just seen her a couple weeks before as part of Ringo’s band on the Craig Ferguson Late Late Show. Add to that, her performing on a Dave Matthews record, and touring with Jethro Tull and Steve Vai!! (check out her site and Wikipedia entry). Pretty much a scam to the actual amateur musicians from around the country who submitted to this contest thinking they actually had a real shot.

As if the Grammys weren’t fake enough.