Flight Of The Conchords Get Freaky

Now that the new tunes have been sufficiently road and TV tested, Sub Pop’s most intentionally laughable musical artists are set to release their sophomore LP, I Told You I Was Freaky. You’ll recognize three tunes from the show — “Rambling Through the Avenues of Time,” “Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor),” and “You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute”” — and if you’ve been seeing ‘em live, you know that “Sugalumps” is basically a response to “My Humps.” Except about balls. We don’t have too much more to go on for now, but FOTC are the sort of act for which the track titles and album art alone are a decent start:

01 “Hurt Feelings”
02 “Sugalumps”
03 “We’re Both In Love With A Sexy Lady”
04 “I Told You I Was Freaky”
05 “Demon Woman”
06 “Rambling Through the Avenues of Time”
07 “Fashion Is Danger”
08 “Petrov, Yelyena and Me”
09 “Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)”
10 “You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute”
11 “Friends”
12 “Carol Brown”
13 “Angels”

Flight Of The Conchords – “Sugalumps” (MP3)

I Told You I Was Freaky is out 10/20 via Sub Pop.