Arcade Fire Cover The Magnetic Fields In Tokyo

No, they didn’t cover this Mag Fields song, which is what we were first thinking when we heard about this. Still, this past Monday, Arcade Fire did get to give a nice little local shout out during their final night of Tokyo shows via “All The Umbrellas In London”‘s “all the money in Tokyo couldn’t make me stay.” Covering Stephin isn’t new to Win & Co., who tackled Charm Of The Highway Strip’s “Born On A Train” some time ago. That cover was good, though this one’s pretty flimsy. Judge for yourself.

Arcade Fire cover the Magnetic Fields Arcade Fire cover the Magnetic Fields

Arcade Fire – “All The Umbrellas In London” (MP3)

That comes via Deaf Indie Elephants, where you’ll also find AF’s take on Pixies’ “Wave Of Mutilation,” that most covered of tunes, from the same night. Hmm, they could’ve gotten really meta and referenced both Lost In Translation and the Fields’ recent Jesus & Mary Chain fetish by covering something from the awesome Distortion, far and away one of this year’s best. Or, right, they can play one of their own songs, like “Headlights Look Like Diamonds.”

Lots of exercise for Will. Per usual.