Daft Punk’s TRON: LEGACY Soundtrack Will Probably Sound Like This

As reported, the makers of the Tron sequel (now called TRON: LEGACY) tapped robots of Daft Punk to score their forthcoming remake. And as Twilight fans Thom Yorke and Bon Iver reminded us earlier today, it is Comic-Con week, the time where studios preview their sci-fi wares and naturally make lots of indie rock news in the process. (CHECK OUT OUR HOT PICS!!1) URB Mag checked out the TRON: LEGACY space and filmed some video demonstrating the updated design for the Light Cycles (check that pic) in an exhibit playing music that sounds enough like Daft Punk for us to think that yes, we are getting a little preview of Daft Punk’s soundtrack right now. Apparently they’ve recorded 24 new songs for the film, due 2011. Get a start here:

Further: the Comic-Con rumormill has it that Daft Punk will be touring their TRON: LEGACY soundtrack one day. One day after 2011 comes, that is. According to Movieline, director Joseph Kosinski was asked if Daft Punk would tour their soundtrack and he replied that there would “definitely be Daft Punk Tron-themed events on the horizon.” He also said he had pancakes with the guys and that they wore their helmets. Maybe he should be insulted? We all know that if the mood is right they’ll take those things off.

UPDATE: Watch this!