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Band To Watch: Wet Illustrated

If you look at them from a certain angle, the San Francisco trio Wet Illustrated fit right in with the analog-gear retro-garage boom that’s happening in their city right now. After all, they’re a sometimes-jangly, sometimes-riffy guitar-rock band who know their way around a chorus hook and who record on gear that sounds older than the actual dudes in the band. But Wet Illustrated also take a ton of cues from the artier, further-out edges of late-’70s British postpunk. There’s a playful edge to this band; their riffs are jaunty, and their vocals edge toward the yippy more often than not; they’ve clearly spent some time watching and learning from Robyn Hitchcock. 1x1x1, their debut album, is a jumpy, jittery, and overall fun ride — like the Fresh And Onlys, if someone put Pixie Stix in their acid

1x1x1 is out 10/25 on True Panther. Below, check out the tracklist and the collage-happy video for their song “Satellite Kids,” directed by drummer/vocalist Robbie Simon.


01 “Pete Jogs Poodle”
02 “My Head”
03 “Claws”
04 “Gypsy Town”
05 “Herman’s Head”
06 “Born Stoked”
07 “Saints”
08 “Marketplace”
09 “Satellite Kids”
10 “Flying”
11 “Boogie Away”
12 “(Where I Wanna Be) Buried”
13 “Luxury Waives”

Wet Illustrated - 1x1x1