Ryan Adams – “Dirty Rain” Video

Hey, another song from the new Ryan Adams album, you guys! This album seems like it’ll be pretty great, right? I mean, right? In various different forms, we’ve already heard the Ashes & Fire songs “Lucky Now,” “Ashes & Fire,” and “Invisible Riverside,” and they’ve all been different flavors of awesome. And now here he is, singing a live-in-studio version of new joint “Dirty Rain,” and it rules just as hard as all the others. He’s wearing the same Black Sabbath shirt and singing into the same old-timey mic as he was for the “Ashes & Fire” live-in-studio session, actually, so either he recorded it at the exact same time or he’s just a serious creature of habit. Whatever works, Ryan Adams! Watch it below.

(via Time)

Ashes & Fire is out 10/11 on Pax-Am/Capitol.

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