The Forms Cover Nirvana @ Gothamist’s 5th Birthday Party

Friday night we made the trek out to Union Hall in Brooklyn to help our friends at Gothamist celebrate five fine years of broadcasting NYC news into our RSS readers. Congrats, -ists. Of course, it wasn’t just the birthday cake that lured us; with an ill bill featuring Pattern Is Movement, DJ Craig Wedren, and the mighty Forms, where else would we be? PIM seemed to convert more to the cause that is their phenomenal new album, Wedren spun tunes in one of his last NYC engagements before moving out to LA to work on the new David Wain movie, and the Forms played a typically great Icarus/Forms spanning set to a tightly packed room. Alongside the originals, the band launched into their sludgy, beat-flipping cover of Nirvana’s “All Apologies” (after a little Shudder To banter and Hillary Clinton tears-of-a-croc tease), here:

Heavy shit, shifty groove — which is the Forms M.O., as we learned on Drive XV. The “All Apologies” take is always great, but what do we have to do get you guys to play “Ignoreland”? R.E.M. doesn’t even play it at shows, you’d have the monopoly on “Ignoreland” live renditions. Think about it, that’s all we ask.