New Live National – “Slow Show” (Fair Game Session)

Last week we spoke about White Hinterland playing pretty tunes on Fair Game and later getting her gear stolen while still in New York City. Well, it’s the National’s turn, though luckily they didn’t lose their gear. (Knock on wood, etc.) While in the studio, our favorite Cincinnati natives (Dulli was a Hamilton, Ohio transplant!) did four songs: “Fake Empire,” “Slow Show,” “Start A War,” and “You’ve Done It Again Virginia.” We have the intimate, pin-drop “Slow Show” after the jump. Please keep it down in the front.

The National On Fair Game

The National – “Slow Show” (MP3)

The show should air soon. Keep your eyes peeled on the Fair Game site. If you want to hear “Slow Show” in another context, check out its creepy use in the trailer for the new Sam Rockwell film “Snow Angels” (Thanks, Mike). Uh, restraining-order intense.

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