AOL’s Best Band Logos

AOL’s Spinner has a Top 25 posted for “the best band logos,” reminding us that “a band’s logo can be just as memorable as its biggest single.” (You know they had Jamiroquai in mind when they wrote that. Maybe.) The countdown beings with our favorite leathery (in all senses) Queens punkers the Ramones:

25 Ramones
24 Nine Inch Nails
23 Public Enemy
22 Korn
21 Aerosmith

Ramones, NIN, PE … Korn beat you. Top 20 after the jump.

20 Black Flag
19 Phish
18 H.I.M.
17 The Beatles
16 Bauhaus
15 The Cramps
14 Metallica
12 Wu-Tang Clang
11 Queen
10 Van Halen
09 The Misfits
08 The Grateful Dead
07 Scissor Sisters
06 AC/DC
05 The Who

04 Kiss

03 Yes

02 The Rolling Stones

01 Prince

We can live with Prince. But wait, H.I.M.’s better than Black Flag’s Pettibon design? W.T.F. Scissor Sisters over Metallica and Van Halen? Calm down, Diamond Dave, they have a guy named Jake Shears after all — we’re talking iconic top to bottom! Oh right, you have two guys named Van Halen. There are more holes in this thing than the Anal Cunt logo. Speaking of which: How’d that get left off? And, uh, Dead Kennedys? Motörhead? Maiden? New Kids On The Block? Graphic designers, you’ll want to peep the list with accompanying blurbs and imagery here. (Come to think of it, AOL has a pretty cool logo.) And, if you want to extend the logo love beyond a top 25, check out Pictograms, a blog that highlights cool band logos.