Lou Reed & Metallica – “The View” (30 Second Preview)

When we first learned that Lou Reed and Metallica had gone and made an entire album together, just about everyone asked the same question at the exact same time: How could this possibly sound? We’re still a long way away from a definitive answer, but based on the just-leaked 30-second clip of their collaborative track “The View,” we’re a whole lot closer to figuring this thing out.

Judging by these 30 seconds, the Reed/Metallica album will sound pretty awkward! And goofy! Is Reed going to keep going with that overblown, half-parodic beat-poet vocal style all through the album? Did he really think it was a good idea to say the word “despises” like that? Is Metallica going to be in their Load-era turgid-riff style for the entire length of the album? And if this is the first 30 seconds of the album that everyone involved wanted us to hear first, then how bad is the rest of this shit going to be? Listen below!

Lulu is out 11/1 on Warner Bros.