Jay-Z – “Empire State Of Mind” (Alternate Supermodel Video)

Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind” has been a lot of things in its short life, from Yankee championship anthem to Allstate-commercial 9/11 hymn to LCD Soundsystem show-closing applause-grabber. And in a new video from director Justin Wu, it’s also something for a whole mob of big-smiling supermodels to lip-sync. That’s really all this is: Supermodels, most of whom don’t appear to actually know the words to the song, looking pretty in NYC locations while the song plays. If you like looking at supermodels, it’s cute, but it also makes me happy that I don’t live in New York during Fashion Week. Jay-Z posted the video on his Life + Times website, so you know he’s happy about it. Watch it below.

Shout out to that one girl with the braided ponytail, the only one who’s any good at pretending to rap.

Tags: Jay-Z, Justin Wu