Old Folks Review Jay Reatard

First things first: It’s too bad this episode was filmed the same time the last few were because we’re getting sick of Ann’s hair. That said, she’s pretty on point this time. Before they weigh in on how Jay Reatard’s “It Ain’t Gonna Save Me” saves nothing and moves them not, they quickly dismiss Chicago hip-hop crew BBU’s “Chi Don’t Dance” as “mumbling.” Ann’s big question: “Why is he singing about all of his problems and giving them to us?” This leads them to the Memphis garage-punk, who they spend more time eviscerating. As usual Bill’s useless, but it is funny when he asks Ann for the half and half during their playback of the Watch Me Fall track.

Joe clearly beat you guys to the Watch Me Fail pun. Now hopefully Reatard reviews Ann, Bill, and Joe.