Foo Fighters @ Madison Square Garden, NYC 2/19/08

Wow, in just a week Dave’s led his Foos from outside the Grammys straight into the center of Madison Square Garden. Last night was their first performance in MSG over their 13-year tenure as a band. Crazy, no? The show was sponsored by Fuse, maybe because “Fuse” sorta rhymes with “Foos.” They aired the set last night and should be upping clips to their site soon. In the meantime, scouring YouTube and checking our tips, we located a triangle solo for you to watch (thanks, AfroJacks).

That dude shreds. Sort of. OK, luckily there’s more than that floating around. After the jump, check out a a rip-roaring “Best Of You,” a tender “Everlong,” and a very shaky (camera, not sonically) “Pretender.”

“Best Of You”


“Long Road To Ruin”

“Marigold” & “My Hero”

“The Pretender”

As far as we can tell, Ann Marie Calhoun isn’t there. Not that we could see much.

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