Yelawolf – “Up In The Club” (Feat. Lil Jon) Video

The new video from palefaced fast-rap machine Yelawolf indulges in a whole ton of club-rap video cliches: Butt shots, gratuitous alcohol consumption, random violence, Lil Jon yelling. But it’s a pretty good video anyway, mostly because it gives all those cliches a scuzzed-out white-trash twist. Yela and his friends pull up in pickup trucks and drink Jack Daniels, the girls in the club are mud wrestlers, and Yela wears the type of ugly-ass clothes that would get him immediately denied entry to any respectable establishment. Motion Family directs. Watch it below.

(via FADER)

Yelawolf’s album Radioactive is out 10/25 on Shady/Interscope.