Lily Allen & Friends Fails To Entertain

When we snoozed through a clip of the premiere of lovely Lily’s BBC Three show, we offered up four points of advice to make her next installment less painful. And she listened to us! About not booking Cuba Gooding, Jr. As for the having the audience standing, the booking of “internet sensations,” and the playing of animal sex videos … well we’ll give her credit for sticking to her guns. Actually, no we won’t those are all just really terrible ideas. The Daily Swarm rounds up Episode 2 in its entirety so you can see what you’re not missing. This ep features The Office (the first)’s Martin Freeman (Tim Canterbury, Jim Halpert’s predecessor in secretarial seduction/marriage-wrecking charm), the Gay Barbie Boys, comic Lee Mack, and Adele. The show intro music is new Hot Chip, but then things go downhill pretty quickly.

Actually Martin and his rants on Lily’s audience of “Friends” are pretty great (“I’m a bit older than you, “Friends” used to mean you actually knew people … in another age this would have been called delusional psychosis” — he’s sorta Gervais-y, isn’t he). It’s just too bad he’s not the one hosting. For the brave at heart: take the jump for the rest of the show.

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