New Silent League – “Here’s A Star (Neon Indian Remix)”

Brooklyn septet the Silent League are releasing album three But You’ve Always Been The Caretaker on 9/22 via Something in Construction. As most bands do these days, they asked a few folks to remix some of the collection’s tracks, including StarsLikeFleas and Helado Negro, and this take on “Here’s A Star” by Neon Indian, aka Alan Palomo, who’s accompanied by video artist Alicia Scardetta when she has a chance to show her videos. Remember, kids, semi-anonymous electro-toting bedroom dance parties are the new black. (I refuse to use the term “glo-fi” because it gives me douche chills to the shitcore.)

The Silent League – “Here’s a Star (Neon Indian Remix)” (MP3)
(Via P4K)

While we’re here taking the zeitgeist’s pulse and it’s especially humid out there, make sure to grab “Deadbeat Summer,” which will appear on Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms.

Neon Indian – “Deadbeat Summer” (MP3)

It’s also where you’ll find “Terminally Chill”:

Neon Indian – “Terminally Chill” (MP3)

Psychic Chasms is out 10/13 via Lefse.