Watch Unreleased Nirvana Live Footage From 1991

The 20th-anniversary box-set reissue of Nirvana’s Nevermind comes out next week, and part of the deluxe package is a DVD and live album of an unreleased live show: the band’s Halloween 1991 set at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre. Yesterday, we posted live footage of the band playing “Breed” at that show. And now here’s another ripsnorting live clip: Nirvana blazing through “Territorial Pissings,” with Krist Novoselic’s caterwauling intro intact. Watch it below.

The reissued Nevermind is out 9/27 on Universal. I’m thinking that’s either Kathleen Hanna or somebody dressed as Kathleen Hanna for Halloween off on the side of the stage.

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