‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’ Guy Michael Buffer Introduces Black Mountain On Conan

Too bad this YouTube doesn’t capture last night’s monologue, when Michael Buffer (random yes, but for the record he was out there for some other comedic reason) introduces Black Mountain as “weighing in at a combined 762 pounds.” The guys and girls need a diet (maybe?). Anyway Buffer’s there again to toss it to the band right before they perform “Stormy High,” acknowledging new album In The Future’s critical acclaim (clearly Buffer reads Stereogum). Anyway, Amber’s shaker and fricature is so perfectly ’70s, and this stormy, stoney “High” is so Sabbathy awesome it hurts.

It’s sad how engaged we’ve become in Conan’s opinions of his musical guests (but then, he’s been so excitable lately). That said, Conan you should have jumped up and down over that a lot more. We just got seriously excited to trudge through the collecting snow to Bowery for tonight’s ridiculous Black Mountain/Bon Iver lineup. Can’t ask for a more perfectly wintry evening bill. If you can’t be there, listening and downloading the bands’ recent show together in D.C. over at NPR is probably the next best thing.