Journey Plays First Show With New Singer They Found On YouTube

You may remember when we wrote about Arnel Pineda, the guy in the Philippines who’d been fronting a Journey-covering band called the Zoo for years, posted some videos showing his great voice on YouTube, and was subsequently discovered by Journey guitarist Neal Schon. We were impressed with his vocal chops in that little half-empty Hard Rock Café — see what the guy does in front of a packed and enthusiastic crowd with the real members of Journey as his backing band. Hmm, can’t say we don’t feel a bit bad for the guys from his old crew. Anyhow, this is Arnel’s moment to shine — two tunes after the jump.

(Via Blabbermouth)

He does that faithfully. (Remember this version? Forgot about Steve Perry’s mustache.) Now, in honor of Arnel’s new dream job, here they are with “Don’t Stop Believing.”

You have to be a little moved by the real-life overlaps in that one. The new Journey’s working on a new album with Kevin Shirley for sometime in ’08.