New Guillemots Video – “Get Over It”

The great Guillemots already hit us with a free MP3 of ” Kriss Kross” earlier this month, and the gear-up for their forthcoming second-effort Red continues here with a great clip for “Get Over It.” This is the second time we’ve heard the tune — the first coming during their recent performance on Johnathan Ross — and in the studio it’s a little less rough-edged rock, but every bit as ecstatic. We start in black and white but quickly explode into lots of, yes, Reds in a dazzling, color-filled, Wonka-esque cab ride for Fyfe Dangerfield. He’s trying to pry himself from the Other Woman in a little love triangle, yelling at her to move on (“I’m tied up to my baby … get over it”), surrendering to his his emotions for just a moment when the band simmers down for a beat (“Well in another life I’d be drenched in sweat with you / But it’s this life, and in this life we make do … GET OVER IT”). His cabbie (bassist Aristazabal Hawkes) tries smacking some sense into him, which we hope comes free of charge.

There’s a lesson in there for you philanderers: Get yourself out of your mess or risk morphing permanently into a debauched, paunched Vegas-y looking guy. Looks like Fyfe gets out alive. Anyway, psyched for the album.

Red is out in the UK 3/24 on Polydor.

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