Hear “Stay Positive,” The Hold Steady’s Fourth Album Title Track

We haven’t heard much from the Hold Steady recently — last time we checked, they were expanding their beards, and Lucero’s Ben Nichols was adding some vocals. Well, the band’s fourth album, recorded across New York with Boys And Girls In America producer John Agnello has a name, Stay Positive, and some additional accents via mandolin and harpsichord. You can hear the title track buried in this old NPR stream of an hour-plus long concert the band put on at the 9:30 Club (take it to 14:30, unless you want to rock the entire show). The track has a definite Youth Of Today vibe. For reals, the flame still burns. OK, it’s more 7 Seconds. But not as straightedge. Craig’s intro: “This song owes its whole vibe to DC hardcore … hardcore when it was good…” Maybe our Jawbreaker comment from a few weeks ago had something to it. Yeah, Jawbreaker wasn’t hardcore, but definitely closer than Kerouac. “Chesterfield King” cover, please?

The Hold Steady Stay Postive