WSJ Investigates Baseball Walk Up Songs, None Are “Holocene”

These at-bat songs Wall Street Journal dug up for for the Mets and the Yankees would work terribly together as a Spotify playlist; it’s all the wrong combinations of early ’00s modern rock radio (read: Nickelback and Creed), Reggaeton, Phil Collins, Pitbull, ironic bubblegum pop, souped-up power punk, gangster rap and country. But, man, I can certainly see why this requires a lot of deep thinking, as a player. So let’s play along. What would you choose to be your walk-up anthem? We’ll start by listing ours (as well as a few friends’ picks), as well as all the links to MLB teams’ at-bat music the we could find.


danzig – “twist of cain
you only get like 6 seconds and that opening riff is a demon


Lana Del Rey. Gets the crowd all riled up. (The game takes place at Glasslands, right?)


Archers Of Loaf – “Web In Front.” This is in a world where I am the leadoff batter because this is the best leadoff song in the history of mankind. It’s got more juice than Barry Bonds. (Insert more contemporary steroid-baseball reference if necessary, I dunno.) Or my dude Malkit Singh (no relation) and “Hey Jamalo.”

As for me, I’d definitely be one of the Willie Harris-types, spending way too much time deliberating on which song I would hit to while sucking it up something fierce at the dish. If I played for the Mets, I’d definitely pick Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right;” that song pumps me up, for whatever reason, and is a nice tip of the ol’ hat to the Long Island fan base. But, a staple would definitely be Flocka’s “Hard In Da Paint,” even if it’s the clean version that echoes “Paint Paint Paint Paint.”
And a quick survey from the web.

Josh Kolenik (Small Black):

Clams Casino – “I’m God
because if I’m going up there to try to rip a homer off Tim Lincecum, I’ve gotta feel heavenly.

Gangstarr – Full Clip would be my night game choice. DJ Premier intro’s are always fierce

Hima Suri (Das Racist):

Dom Brown’s theme whooos that brown.
Nah I would hit to: aap jaisa koi, indian song

Some more playlists for those who don’t give a shit about the Mets and the Yankees: White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals.

What’s your at-bat song? This is hard.