Saturday Night Live Returns With Rock Of Love Parody, Armisen As Obama

Back from the writers’ strike with a backlog of Daniel Plainview and Hillary Clinton jokes, Saturday Night Live returned this weekend brandishing Tina Fey, a Steve Martin cameo, and huge prosthetic Obama ears. Obviously musical guest Carrie Underwood wasn’t going to provide sufficient excuse for us to post about it. For that, we turn to Jason Sudekis’s decent turn as Bret Michaels with a side of Amy Poehler’s one-legged flatulence:

SNL’s had bigger problems to face during their hiatus than just that “who will write our jokes” thing. Namely: Who will play Barack Obama? Reports of late had Lorne Michaels auditioning 30 Rock writer Donald Glover and Mad TV’s Jordan Peele and comedian Jordan Carlos but settled on resident chameleon Fred Armisen. He’s got the scowl down, at least.

And while we’re over here and in the spirit of the Oscars, here’s another thing that happened: There Will Be Milkshakes For Old Men.

Nice impressions and you get a pass for obvious reason but overall: no more “I drink your milkshake” appropriation, please. It was a nice moment when it happened but we don’t want to start hating it (or hating milkshakes, because they are delicious).