Passion Pit Bring “The Reeling” To Fallon

The Massachusetts synth-pop outfit has taken its Manners pretty much everywhere this year — in the club, on a boat, etc. — but until last night a network television performance eluded them. Jimmy Fallon’s crew continues to pick up the slack left by Conan’s slightly (com)modified music guest booking policy by giving Passion Pit their big shot on TV. Just as well, they’re not quite ready for the Tonight Show lights, but they don’t exactly sound like a band that’s only been around for like a year and change, either. Also it’s rare to see Michael Angelakos do his helium vocals without a bevy of keyboards in front of him, so feel free to take the chance and rate his lead-man/stage-roaming presence if you want.

Manners is out via Frenchkiss.