Last Chance To Download Stereogum’s Strokes Tribute Album!

The time is now to get in STROKED, the track-for-track Is This It covers compilation we assembled in honor of the Strokes’ modern classic. For the 10th anniversary of its release, we had the likes of Real Estate, Owen Pallett, Peter Bjorn & John, Austra, Heems, the morning benders, and more offer their spin and thoughts on the record. It’s proven popular — so popular, in fact, that we are just about out of licenses to give it away for free.

So please go to this STROKED page and make sure you’ve snatched each of those MP3s before it’s too late. You have until 6PM EST today. Thanks to you guys for making it such a hit, to each of our contributing artists, and most of all to Julian, Fab, Nikolai, Albert, Nick, and everyone at Wiz Kid for their work and support.

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