New A Camp Video – “Love Has Left The Room” (Stereogum Premiere)

When we debuted A Camp’s “Love Has Left The Room,” we asked frontwoman Nina Persson a bit about the song’s storyline. In response to the question about whether or not love leaves a trace once it walks out the door, she told us:

Well, I really think that a lot of traces remain after love has left the room, and the song is about a love that left without a really clear ending, so that’s probably even worse! No closure … sucks. But in my experience, love can certainly also disappear completely. I have a few exes that I’d rather die than be with again, and some that became very very close friends after we tried to have a sexual relationship.

A Camp’s colorfully baroque Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Flicker-directed video for the song offers a different feel than what the band did for “Stronger Than Jesus.” Because its hard to be stronger than the Son Of Man after you’ve been dumped and just want to wallow by the ocean with a flower, a knife, and the key to your heart (and room).

One more question, Nina: “When love finally does leave the room, where does it go?”

It goes to the sky bar at the Mondrian in LA and fucks with someone else.

Does it ever.

Colonia is out via Nettwerk.