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Band To Watch: Fight Bite

The Denton, Texas synth duo Fight Bite’s gentle, lush, female fronted pop has us reaching back into the record collection for our Slumberland and Parasol vinyl — or maybe early Magnetic Fields, before Stephin Merritt took over vocal duties. It’s a claustro, dusky sound that somehow, for the first time in ages, made us remember both Orange Cake Mix and Flowchart. You could hear Beach House in there, too, but only if the Baltimore duo were more obviously into old area crews the Ropers or Black Tambourine. Minus the guitars, but that shadowy bedroom-pop vibe. Or if they were born in Sweden. Glockenspiels and whispers! There’s a live video of the band performing “Swiss Ex-Lover” at Strawberry Fields. Yes, they’re a band, though the camera person focuses almost entirely on Leany.

Fairly mesmerizing. Bandmate Jeff, who sounds a bit like a shy Jamie Stewart on “Emerald Eyes” (at MySpace), gets more of his due another Strawberry Fields live video.

They have a lot of charisma, they do. Our faves:

Fight Bite – “Swiss Ex-Lover” (MP3)
Fight Bite – “Spring Rain” (MP3)

GvsB is also a big fan, and our props to Chris for being on top of the steady blooming Texas beat. Anyhow, man, these two would’ve made perfect sense on One Last Kiss. More to hear at MySpace

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