Sunn O))) Soundtrack Grimmest Jeans Commercial Ever

The crossover drone duo are known for time spent in galleries and their eclectic collaborations (from Tony Conrad to Attila Csihar to Dennis Cooper to Julian Cope and back), so it’s not surprising to hear Flight Of The Behemoth’s “O)))BOW1″ soundtracking a particularly arty commercial for Norway’s (of course) Anti-Sweden brand jeans. The accompanying imagery’s by Southern California artist Justin Bartlett. You’ll also find Bartlett’s “occult-inspired illustrations” (or did they mean “kvlt-inspired”?) in the first-edition line of the pants. For those of us who wear one pair of jeans until they die, the idea of “first-edition” clothing is totally foreign, but this is still more interesting than your average Levis advertisement.

(Via DailySwarm)

It’s not the first time black metal’s been co-opted for fashion. The bigger issue: What do the Swedes make of this?

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