New Au – “Ida Walked Away”

Au’s current official lineup remains Luke Wyland and Dana Valatka, but each excursion sounds like the work of much larger cast. See, for instance, “Ida Walked Away,” an escalating bit of falsetto-fronted art-pop from the Portland band’s forthcoming Versions EP. When I was talking about Au’s post-Verbs Christmas song, I mentioned that when they don’t sound like Animal Collective they can also approximate a snow or sleet storm (“one that’s all angles and the light refracted off a crystal”). You get that shimmer here, too, as well as an up-swinging tone that might make you think at least momentarily about “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (or some other large hairy mammals).

Au – “Ida Walked Away” (MP3)

The Versions EP is out digitally and as a 10″ 10/8 via Aagoo. They’re on tour with WHY? this fall.

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