New Bat For Lashes Video – “Sleep Alone”

So far Natasha Khan’s given us a couple of compelling Two Suns videos: “Daniel” went for a sinister modern dancing (and Karate Kid) vibe and “Pearl’s Dream” found Khan in winged form-fitting garb performing opposite an evil blond twin, a wolf, and lots of smoke and steam. For “Sleep Alone,” we see Khan in her bed alone and not liking it. Unable to sleep, she hits the street — also alone — before becoming transfixed by a black and white love scene/variously colored lights and plastics. Here, she heads back to the apartment, whips out the arts and crafts supplies, and works on a solution to her loneliness. Like the other two clips, it moves with an appealing dream logic.

The Mercury-nominated Two Suns is out via Astralwerks.