New Raveonettes – “Suicide”

The Raveonettes fourth album In And Out Of Control finds the Danish duo in a particularly poppy mood musically, while pushing the lyrical content into darker corners. As the band’s male half Sune Rose Wagner put it:

It’s a strange mixture of modern and old, dark and happy, it’s about rape, violence, lost love, suicide, not giving a shit about what other people think of you and most importantly being mad and angelic!

It’s wrapped in a dusky, upbeat package. You get nostalgia in intensive care via “Last Dance.” The fuzzy, absolutely chirpy “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)” with its “you never forget / those fuckers stay in your head” refrain. A slow-dance torch-song fragment, “Oh, I Buried You Today.” And, see for instance, a “little runaway girl”‘s cathartic trip the Brooklyn Bridge in “Suicide.” Every time the water splashes an angel gets its wings, or something.

The Raveonettes – “Suicide” (MP3)

In And Out Of Control is out 10/6 via Vice.