New Kevin Drew Video – “Lucky Ones”

Never let it be said Kevin Drew doesn’t know how to start a show. And how to avoid responsibility for his criminal actions. The clip for “Lucky Ones” begins with the lead Broken Social Scenester talking the staff at Toronto’s Lee’s Palace into handing out 600 shots of tequila for the crowd, and also finding out, illegal as it is, he’s got zero percent culpability if shit goes wrong. Party! But it’s not just tequila and lime here; after Kevin notes from stage “They said it was illegal! But we’re gonna do it anyway,” he adds on, “Ladies and gentlemen, the only way you can start a true rock show is to have Mr. Tom Cochrane with you, and we’ve got him here tonight!” Which means most of us have never really been to a true rock show before. (That includes the best one of 2006.) We’re considering the bar raised, and here’s hoping future K. Drew shows feature as much free flowing Cuervo and Cochrane.

Spirit If… is out via Arts & Crafts.